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Dental Implant cost

The frequent and most important question we get asked is how much do dental implants cost. The technology to place implants has increased significantly and dentists can place implants predictably with excellent results. let me briefly explain how the procedure works from start to finish and then we get into details of cost of dental implants. Most of the patients hear dental implants cost varies and this answer frustrates many. let me explain further why cost of dental implants vary from one patient to other and why we cannot have a fixed dental implant cost

Initially we take a CBCT (Cone-beam computed tomography) , a fancy term for quick 10-15 seconds scan of the jaw to measure the bone and surrounding structures. This determines the width and size of the implant or implants to be placed. To be clear the width and size of the implants does not determine the cost of the dental implants. The cost of the dental implant remains same irrespective of the width and length of it.

There are 2 ways dental Implants are placed. one way is to place just the screw (Implant body) , the longer part in the above picture first and wait 3-6 months before we place the crown. the other way is to do all at the same time and patient walks out with a temporary crown. The dentist determines this before or during the procedure which route will give best results for the patient.

The dental implants cost includes the implant Body which is the longer screw which goes into the bone, abutment ( the smaller part which connects the main implant and the crown) and crown. The additional costs which can be needed includes Bone grafts and membranes which will be determined before or during the procedure.

This is one of the reasons why you cannot get a fixed cost of dental implants as there are many variables involved during the procedures. Zygomatic implants are longer and requires more skilled surgeons to be placed and usually costs more than the regular implants. The cost of dental implants usually ranges from 2500$- 4000$ and as I have stated earlier additional costs can be incurred. Irrespective of the high cost of dental implants the prognosis of dental implants are great and gives patients ability to chew and have a natural tooth experience.

Visit your Suwanee smiles dentist or dentist near you for a evaluation to determine the best route for your dental implant journey. Speak to your dentist to have a clear understanding of the cost of dental implants. Periodontal (Gum) health is very important for the success of the dental implants. read this article to read more about the gum disease.

Please click the following article from academy of implant Dentistry (AAID) on Dental implants cost and their value . Contact Suwanee smiles at 470-508-0101 for a quick consult.