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Occlusal splints are worn at night to guide the occlusal movement so that the periodontal damage is minimal. The appliance covers all the maxillary or mandibular teeth, but it is mostly worn in the upper maxilla. Occlusal splints are generally appreciated to prevent tooth wear, injuries and reduce nighttime clenching. Splints should cover the occlusal surfaces of all the teeth. With the use of a splint, there will be some reduction in muscle tone. The appliance that helps manage the consequences of nocturnal bruxism is the flat-planed stabilization splint, also called occlusal bite guard, bruxism appliance, biteplate, or nightguard.

Appliances vary in appearance and features. They may be constructed in the dental office or a laboratory and fabricated from hard or soft materials. Hard acrylic-resin stabilization splints are suggested to be more effective in reducing bruxism activity than soft splints. Soft-resin splints are more difficult to adjust than the hard acrylic-resin devices and prevent inadvertent tooth movements. Also, some professionals believe that soft splints increase the clenching behavior in some patients. These appliances are also utilized to retrain daytime clenching.

We here at Suwanee Smiles use latest technology to Design and print the Splints/ Guards at the same visit reducing patient’s visits. Patient can take their splints within 2 hours. watch the video below to see how we design the splints in office. Digital dentistry helps speed up the process of prosthesis fabrication and deliver superior results