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Scanning of teeth using Scanner

We at Suwanee smiles use latest technology to improve patient comfort and speed up the process of any prosthesis fabrication. Instead of using traditional methods like Alginate or PVS impression material which are very uncomfortable in the mouth, we scan the teeth with intraoral scanner within a minute. Optical impressions reduce patient discomfort; Intra oral scanners are time-efficient and simplify clinical procedures for the dentist, eliminating plaster models and allowing better communication with the dental technician and with patient.

The current Intra oral scanners are sufficiently accurate for capturing impressions for fabricating a whole series of prosthetic restorations (inlays/onlays, copings and frameworks, single crowns and fixed partial dentures) on both natural teeth and implants; in addition, they can be used for smile design, and to fabricate posts and cores, removable partial prostheses and obturators.